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The strategic moves of putting yourself in a chronic food coma

DAY 18
Vientiane, Laos


As a financially restricted person/student/backpacker a breakfast buffe equals eat until you can barely stand up. So we did. Then Ida some how managed to convince me to come to a cooking class. It was us, a couple from Italy and our teacher Phao. Like a dinosaur driving a tuktuk, that is about how smooth I feel in a Kitchen. Therfore I thanked some above spirits that we didn’t go out last night so at least I had a steady hand while trying to cut tiny slippery onions with a knife that looked more like a sword.

We made three dishes which I already forgot the name of but Ida took heaps of notes and will be able to recreate it all back home. The first dish was a soup which I thought was really good. I said to Ida in Swedish that it would be nicer if you added more cocunot milk, the second after Phao says to the group that if you want you can add more coconut milk but then you will get really fat. Made a note to myself and my coconut milk loving ego to immediately apply for biggest loser when back home. Very soon forgot all about Phao’s words and my little note to self, had coconut curry for dinner the same night.
Vegetables no one knows the name of…
The course was finished by 12 and we were defenetily regretting eating breakfast like food was never to be seen again when having a three course lunch at 11.30. Cooking class was an intresting experience but I felt about as lost as in 9th grade music class. Simply prefer eating to cooking.
Once in a food coma it from time to time happens that you become retarded and just eat more even though you are super full. This idiotic phenomena happend to me and Ida this particular day. So after a three course breakfast directly followed by a three course lunch we felt the need to again directly follow up with a three course “fika”. What is wrong with us? I call it “the dog syndrome” because I have heard that dogs don’t have a limit, they will practically eat until they die if there is food available. The dog syndrome might be some weird consequence from missing the christmas feast in Sweden. Who knows…
What would be our dog names?
Tomorrow we are heading to Vang Vieng to behave like proper backpackers, there will be both roads and other tourists, something we are not used to at the moment. I will now go to bed and do brain laundry, wish me luck, I just want to sleep.
This has been another good day though, thank you Ida!
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