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Why effective communication is important to me #Blog post 1

This module is the perfect rehab in dealing with the communication overdose of the 21st century that we all have been exposed to.
Just on my phone I have seven different alternatives to communicate with friends, SEVEN. One can say that things are getting out of hand. A perfect example that I have experienced when moving to Singapore is how different companies try to communicate with students to increase the attendance at their events. Being an exchange student I am drowning in emails, events and groups trying to get my attention. The consequence is that I as a receiver ignore the information.

In this course we will look at communication in four different ways:

  • Communication – Principles and their applications
  • Written Communication – Audience, context, and purpose
  • Position Search Communication – Help to start your professional career
  • Oral Communication – Essentials of presenting ideas

Effective communication is simply delivering your message such that the receiver understands it the way you intend. It is obvious why this is important in most situations in life. But why is it important to me?

Everyone who decides to take on the challenge of university studies dreams of a career. My major involves mostly mathematics and programming but an important part is also to communicate with the user. When for example designing interfaces for programs, a designer needs to take into account everything from colors to fonts and actual text to improve and clarify the user’s experience of the product. I think the need for this ability will increase, referred to the ”communication overdose”-example as was mentioned in the introduction above.

English is my second language and I often feel stuck in a bubble. I have learned enough to get by and therefore I easily get lazy, using the same words and tone in both my written and oral communication. I hope this module can help me pop the bubble and become more flexible by widening my vocabulary and improving my skills. The goal is to sound so professional and accurate that it will be impossible to tell where I’m from.

I also find it fascinating that this subject is so complex, you can keep getting better and learning more. I mean not even God has 100% skills in effective communication, because obviously, not everyone believes in God, like myself.

I do believe in the importance of effective communication, today, tomorrow and maybe the day after that 🙂

Our car broke down in the Outback of Australia 2009. Not a phone booth or emergency phone in sight for hours.
I thought we were gonna die. The government really need to work on their communication skills! 

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