I think they call it “Closure” …

Nope, not dead, but my fan Sonja is, RIP darling, you were the worst fan ever!

I am sitting at Starbucks in Bali’s airport with a smaller mountain of bags next to me. Next destination is Stockholm, Sweden, Home. In some sort of rebellious move (and due to overweight) I dressed myself in all peace signs, flowers and feathers I own. Certainly getting some stares from by passers since I, to top it off is sitting on the floor with crossed legs like a fat little Buddha (yes, there has been too many beers going down this throat recently).

I can’t help but feeling extremely sad, the same question keep popping up in my head “What the f*** happend?”. I am slowly but reluctantly accepting the fact that the adventure is over for this time.

I guess time flies when you work hard, play harder and travelling like the world is about to go under tomorrow.

To my few very loyal readers: my deepest apologie, I suck at blogging (or suck at sitting down writing the bloody posts to be more particular).

So what actually happend in the second part of this semester?

I spent more time with my Singaporean friends, building strong lifelong (hopefully) relationships.

I meet a boy (handsome and smart, just wanted to add that in).

I put more effort into keeping in contact with friends & family back home.

I went to Malaysia 4 more times (Love the place! JD says it is the Poland of Asia, note to self: go to real Poland).

I put more effort into my modules and won prices for it (love NUS competitive system,  but only when my team wins).

I tried to get an internship in the US (failed and gave up, very lame, I know).

But mostly the complete dead silence is because this blog slowly became a symbol for something I am trying to forget. Looking back at all my posts written during christmas heartbreak I conclude that they are truly pathetic.

So what will happen when sos is not in asia anymore?
– No one knows, Swedish summer will have to show.

I will go back to this blog like a diary, laugh at myself and remembering things that can not be captured in a photo.

Sometimes I browse through the blog me and my friends kept when living in the French Alps the winter of 2008-2009:


– Hilarious how stupid we were, I can not say I am much smarter now, but at least I speak better English.

It has been a pleasure Asia, Until next time – Stay weird and Wonderful

Big Love

//The Wild Child


Ps. Singapore, for me, this is your soundtrack:



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