My glory days were in kindergarden

Read an article on Linkedin a few weeks ago. It stated that having a blog could boost your professional career.

I wrote a whole post about how this article radically changed my life. It was a long post about me giving up travelling and getting serious. It is the only post wordpress ever failed to auto save before getting published. It is a sign?

This was meant to be the follow up post to that post. So it might not make much sense.

In the blog which is suppose to boost my career I am meant to write about my knowledge…

How do I write about “my knowledge”?

What I learn in my modules million of other people probably wrote better articles on already?

If I stopped now this would be a very pathetic blogpost. I’ll give it a try.

I am currently taking a course called interaction design.

It is really getting to my head. A few examples:

– I can not enjoy running at the gym because the computer’s interface on the trackmills are so badly designed. It make no sense at all. I almost get upset. Do they want people to give up gym and get fat?

– I was considering to make a survey for my blog to find out what people like and don’t like about it, to make it better and more enjoyable. Then I realized it was a very silly idea.

– Spending a lot of time in the waiting room of The eye surgery clinic I have very thoroughly analyzed their working patterns and in my head completely reconstructed the way they handle the flow of patients.

My project group in this module, “SUN08”, is developing a digital ordering systems for restaurants, we call it “QuickByte”. Last week we had a submission which included building a real paper prototype each. I got absolutely caught up in this and lost track of time for 4 hours. Missed my lecture and dinner. Obviously my glory days were in kindergarden… look



The paper prototype is suppose to symbolize a webpage which automatically opens in your smartphone when you connect to the restaurants wifi. Through the application you can order your food and drinks, add items to your order, pay with credit card and review your experience.

Sitting there in my room, in bikini (it was a hot day), listening to indie pop, fan buzzing loud and forgetting everything else was very liberating. This is going to sound silly but it felt like I was building the future. The application and idea will probably not be implemented by us, but someone else will make it happen, it is just the way of the digital revolution. It is even similar systems in a few restaurants in Singapore already.

I figured out I want to work with stuff like this, I found it really fascinating how different people interpret systems and how by redesigning interfaces the work process can be optimized.
Hopefully I will find new glory days, slightly more advanced than the ones in kindergarden.


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