Having an eye hang over and falling in love with the doctor. Busy Indeed.

Yesterday I claimed that my eye was drunk, logically it is today very hang over. If you never seen a hang over eye before have a look below (sensitive viewers be warned).


After being very drunk you wake up with a realization about what is happening around you. Frankly I got shit scared. Three days on antibiotics and no improvement. Was I going swollen eye forever?

If getting to the eye clinic was entering a new level in a computer game, entering the eye surgery was definitely winning the whole thing. The victory feeling was short and not very sweet. I was lead straight to the general sight test and “do you wear contact lenses blabla” procedur. I paid more money and chilled out with more retired randoms.

According to my prejudices a specialist of the specialists is 50+, wear glasses, has a BMI above average and wears “innetofflor”. Imagine my surprise when doctor “very cool name” is 25+, good looking, wears a designer dress and whats app:ing from her iphone 5 (which has a playboy cover) when I enter. Fall in love is to exaggerate very much but she was pretty cool. First of all the most professional of all the doctors I have meet (maybe you have to when you are specialist of the specialists). Second she had a bit of humor, finally! Hospitals are sad, I was sad, I use humor as defense to get by, no one had understood that so far. We had a lot of fun over the fact that my new eye drops are named “FML” and that my concern over not being able to attend a festival is bigger than the concern for my midterms.

They suspect that the family who moved into my eye is of type microsporidia keratitis, which sound Greek to me, but I am pretty sure they are Thai and felt the liberty to attack my eye during diving last week. I googled it, rarely find a suitable content to use the word “horrendous”, but I think it fits in for the search result I got.

It is a resistent parasite, dosen’t sound nice at all… I think I will avoid mentioning that when out… “Hi, I am Sofie I have resistent parasite in my eye, would you like to buy me a drink?” (Challenge accepted btw).

So I am currently on the long island ice teas for eyes:


and mc (which means I do not have to be in school and I am excused from my midterms) for a week. I am retarded into the soul though, so I went home and studied for four hours and went and completed my midterm in Economics. I am very proud, switching names from Quasimodo to The Warrior.

To be honest I am much better and every three hours when I put “FML” in the eye, I laugh, even though it is like pouring acid, seriously, no wonder they named it the way they did.

EYEr and OUT
(ok den är inte lika bra men ni måste förstå att jag har varit själv i mitt rum i två dygn nu, taking it to a new low)


One thought on “Having an eye hang over and falling in love with the doctor. Busy Indeed.

  1. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I have found something that helped me.
    Appreciate it!

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