It might be the eye talking…

But from my experience, NUS health care system sucks massive amount of horse poo!

Tuesday morning I paid a fair amount of money to consult a doctor for my swollen eye.
Wednesday morning my eye had gone from ‘almost not noticeable’-swollen to ‘she is Quasimodo’-swollen. Semi-frustrated I took my pile of antibiotica drops and creams and went back. This morning I had to wait longer, pay more and my ‘consultation’ consisted of a 2 second flash light in the eye and watching the same doctor write ‘PLS ADVICE.TKS’ on a referral letter. With the referral letter I was then sent between different counters for an hour, payed different fees and read tiny numbers from walls (to check wether my sight had changed during the past 25 minutes or not). It took an additional hour for the very detached woman at counter number 3 to come to the conclusion that there were no appointments available with eye doctors today.

I guess she was feeling slightly uncomfortable and confused over what to do with this little crying person sitting on a chair next to her reception window. So she sent me to the emergency reception at the National University Hospital with an other paper.

At NUH I did everything again, twice. Talked to a receptionist, waited to see a nurse, waited again to see a doctor. Doctor number four had a fun time over that I could see better with my infected eye than with my other one. If I would have had more energy I would have infected his eye (by this point I was in a bad mood and in a lot of pain).

When I got told to sit down and wait for the seventh time I gave up and overdosed my old eyedrops which flash light doctor described to me the day before. I guess the nurses could feel my frustration because soon after one came and lead me to the eye Clinic. It felt like making it to the last level in a computer game.

Of course I had to see a nurse and answer the questions yet again but then I only had to wait for a little bit to see a real eye doctor. Apparently I have bacteria in my eye which they have identified, but they are not behaving as they are suppose to… This lead to heaps of cotton sticks pushed into my eye, to then be sent to a lab. The Doctor complimented me on being so calm, usually people are very nervous “when we cut a piece of the inside of the eye lid of”. I jumped two meters up in my chair, no one said anything about cutting… I did obviously not pay enough attention.

In addition I felt a bit like an animal in a Zoo, first of all because it was only me and 70 year old Chinese people in wheal chairs in the waiting room (loving to identify myself with the ‘impaired vision’-group of society). Second because all doctors and students in the whole section wanted to come and look at my bacteria acting randomly. Should have taken a commission fee for every stethoscope watch.

Fun facts:

Amount of times I got asked if I wear contact lenses: 12
Amount of times I had to read tiny letters from a wall: 5
Process optimize much NUH?
Total Bill: 320 F***ng dollars
Unfortunately this is not the end of it, tomorrow I am seeing the specialist of the eye specialists. Might have to switch focus from internship sponsors to eye sponsors.

When I walked home my eye was drunk. I was completely sober but my eye had so many different liquids poured into it, which made me see everything in double and feel dizzy. Interesting I must say.

The only good thing coming out of all this is that I have a legitimate reason to wear sunglasses indoors. When I find the strength to leave my room will say.

(ååå vad tråkigt, jag är på starka mediciner, ok!)


2 thoughts on “It might be the eye talking…

  1. Farmor says:

    Lilla F, vilken otur! Vi lider med och tänker på dig.
    Du är en kämpe, som kan se på det hela med din
    oförlikneliga humor.

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