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My most recent project – need some votes lah

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“uhhm uhhm uhhm” – I managed to pull of a fantastic presentation today.


Why is it still so hard to answer questions accurately in english during presentations?

It is like I threw my brain in a ditch on my way to school.

Time for one of those “pull your act together”-moments again.

Only a few people will understand why the header photo is hilarious.

Don’t you worry wild childs, next post will be about future music festival!

My glory days were in kindergarden

Read an article on Linkedin a few weeks ago. It stated that having a blog could boost your professional career.

I wrote a whole post about how this article radically changed my life. It was a long post about me giving up travelling and getting serious. It is the only post wordpress ever failed to auto save before getting published. It is a sign?

This was meant to be the follow up post to that post. So it might not make much sense.

In the blog which is suppose to boost my career I am meant to write about my knowledge…

How do I write about “my knowledge”?

What I learn in my modules million of other people probably wrote better articles on already?

If I stopped now this would be a very pathetic blogpost. I’ll give it a try.

I am currently taking a course called interaction design.

It is really getting to my head. A few examples:

– I can not enjoy running at the gym because the computer’s interface on the trackmills are so badly designed. It make no sense at all. I almost get upset. Do they want people to give up gym and get fat?

– I was considering to make a survey for my blog to find out what people like and don’t like about it, to make it better and more enjoyable. Then I realized it was a very silly idea.

– Spending a lot of time in the waiting room of The eye surgery clinic I have very thoroughly analyzed their working patterns and in my head completely reconstructed the way they handle the flow of patients.

My project group in this module, “SUN08”, is developing a digital ordering systems for restaurants, we call it “QuickByte”. Last week we had a submission which included building a real paper prototype each. I got absolutely caught up in this and lost track of time for 4 hours. Missed my lecture and dinner. Obviously my glory days were in kindergarden… look



The paper prototype is suppose to symbolize a webpage which automatically opens in your smartphone when you connect to the restaurants wifi. Through the application you can order your food and drinks, add items to your order, pay with credit card and review your experience.

Sitting there in my room, in bikini (it was a hot day), listening to indie pop, fan buzzing loud and forgetting everything else was very liberating. This is going to sound silly but it felt like I was building the future. The application and idea will probably not be implemented by us, but someone else will make it happen, it is just the way of the digital revolution. It is even similar systems in a few restaurants in Singapore already.

I figured out I want to work with stuff like this, I found it really fascinating how different people interpret systems and how by redesigning interfaces the work process can be optimized.
Hopefully I will find new glory days, slightly more advanced than the ones in kindergarden.

I might have to rename this blog “Sosinthehospital”


There will be no more eye-obsessive posts.

(Photo from my glory days in 2008 with fancy dress partyn.)

Rock, Papper, Scissor

With myself, wether attending a festival this weekend is a good idea or nor?



Guess who won? Eyetard or Frank?

Probably the best doctor in the world


Får mig genast att tänka på denna dänga angående mitt och min parasits love story…

Tack pappa!

Pulling my eye out with a fork

I am well aware there is far worse medical conditions than a handicapped right eye.

But this is starting to get on my nervs. It is quite disturbing to study when your right side is constantly blurry.
That side of the face will get wrinkles…crap.

Thursday meant revisit to the hot eye doctor.

She quickly concluded that I was not responding to treatment and the parasite family were still chilling out on my cornea, and they had more kids. This fact has decreased my sight remarkably over the last couple of days. Little fuckers! I bet it is a family similar to “pip-Larsson”, which was a Swedish tv series about a gypsy family sent on SVT in 1999, if you remember?. I get the feeling they are moving around heaps, which the pip-Larsson family also did, since they lived in a trailer selling pots.


The test results confirmed that it is a case of the rare parasite. The doctor tried to hide her excitement, I’m the first case she ever had with this type. I tried to hide my disappointment, this is the first case of parasite I ever had too. Or no, I had one when i was about 5 years old, from eating snow. As a kid, eating brown snow from a ditch is something you do upset your parents. Karma hit me straight away..

Well, I have now participated in Singapore’s next eye top model. They wanted to take photos of my cornea with a massive Cannon camera. I would not have made it far in such an eye model competition. They had to call in extra staff to force my eye open because I instinctively closed it when the light hit the cornea.

Eyera Banks (sorry, once getting started with the eye jokes I just can’t stop…) was not satisfied and we reshoot 4 times. I cried a river or two, it was so painful! If my eye was drunk last week it definitely felt like it tried some stronger “playing with the mind”-drug this time. I saw colored dots when closing my eyes for hours after.

Will ask for the pictures of my short and un-glamorous career as an eye-model next week.

The hot doctor put me on oral antibiotics for two weeks and on Wednesday I’m going back to scrape the pip-Larsson family of my cornea. She told me I need to be prepared that it will be painful… why would she say that now? I’m going to ask for morfin.

When picking up my antibiotics I started laughing and crying at the same time.

This is a very large amount of medicine for one eye…


It cost me 426 dollars…

Being an eye-model has not been paying of so far… I would not recommend it.

Peace Out


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Koh Rong is the new Koh Samui

DAY 10
Koh Rong, Cambodia
Rainbow is the new black.
Happy truffle is the new sleeping pill.
Ida woke up in panic, she thought the bed bugs had caught her since she had bites all over and they kept popping up. She calmed down a bit when the dude in the reception said it is probably just sand flies. I have them as well. The price you have to pay to be in paradise.
Koh Rong has the ability to calm anyone down. There are no roads and only a few dive centers, restaurants and guest houses. The surroundings are absolutely stunning and it still got the charming vibe of a tropical island far away, even though it is close to the fuzz in famous beach town Sihanoukville.
The kids collect bottles floating up on the beach, smash them flat as pancakes with wooden bats and store in bags to ship of. The men are playing pool, they own fishing boats but I never saw them being used. A few dreadlock backpackers hang around the dive center or in the big sofas in one of the few bars along the beach. The activity most noticeable is the frequent noise of hammers, they are building on every house on the beach strip. Koh rong will not stay the same for long.
Because of the epic fail finding Heart Break Hotel and the 7 km beach yesterday we had booked a long tail boat to take us there today. Davy is only 24 years old, borned and raised in Phnom Phen. Escaping poverty he went and worked on fishing boats along the south coast and learned everything about the sea. Today he owns 3 boats named “Khmere Davy 1”, “Khmere Davy 2” and “Khmere Davy 3” and a little shop. We went with “Khmere Davy 2”, it was a beautiful long tail boat, the sun was shining and the australian couple who joined us were quite desent people. They both taught contemporary art to upper secondary school kids. Our sandflies felt like a minor problem when they told us about the soap eating rat they were sharing bungalow with.
We stopped fishing at 3 different places, I forgot how much fun it is fishing, especially when you get fish in rainbow colours every 5 minutes, compared to 1 “boring” aborre per hour, as is usually the case in Sweden. It is a cool feeling to get of at a deserted island, cock the fish you just caught yourself over open fire and eat it with your bare hands. We were sitting on a rock out in the sea eating, it must have looked hilarious, but there were so many ants on the island, if you stod still for more than 5 seconds you had 50 of them passing your knees heading towards I don’t know what. Ant auto bahn – like in my room last semester. So we were sitting on a rock in the water looking like proper western tourists.
Long beach was amazing, water so blue and white sand dynes so deserted it could heal anyones ailments. I am really glad we made the effort to go and see it because rumor has it that the 7 km deserted beach will soon be gone. The land is sold, resorts, golf courts, waterlands and a casino are planned to be built in 2013. Koh Rong is expected to be the next Koh Samui. Call me a hipster but I hated Koh Samui. The beach is packed with westerners eating fries, swimming in their own Hawaiian tropic oil and instagramming photos which should have the tag #tomuchofeverything. No thank you.
Go Koh Rong, catch it while you can!
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Having an eye hang over and falling in love with the doctor. Busy Indeed.

Yesterday I claimed that my eye was drunk, logically it is today very hang over. If you never seen a hang over eye before have a look below (sensitive viewers be warned).


After being very drunk you wake up with a realization about what is happening around you. Frankly I got shit scared. Three days on antibiotics and no improvement. Was I going swollen eye forever?

If getting to the eye clinic was entering a new level in a computer game, entering the eye surgery was definitely winning the whole thing. The victory feeling was short and not very sweet. I was lead straight to the general sight test and “do you wear contact lenses blabla” procedur. I paid more money and chilled out with more retired randoms.

According to my prejudices a specialist of the specialists is 50+, wear glasses, has a BMI above average and wears “innetofflor”. Imagine my surprise when doctor “very cool name” is 25+, good looking, wears a designer dress and whats app:ing from her iphone 5 (which has a playboy cover) when I enter. Fall in love is to exaggerate very much but she was pretty cool. First of all the most professional of all the doctors I have meet (maybe you have to when you are specialist of the specialists). Second she had a bit of humor, finally! Hospitals are sad, I was sad, I use humor as defense to get by, no one had understood that so far. We had a lot of fun over the fact that my new eye drops are named “FML” and that my concern over not being able to attend a festival is bigger than the concern for my midterms.

They suspect that the family who moved into my eye is of type microsporidia keratitis, which sound Greek to me, but I am pretty sure they are Thai and felt the liberty to attack my eye during diving last week. I googled it, rarely find a suitable content to use the word “horrendous”, but I think it fits in for the search result I got.

It is a resistent parasite, dosen’t sound nice at all… I think I will avoid mentioning that when out… “Hi, I am Sofie I have resistent parasite in my eye, would you like to buy me a drink?” (Challenge accepted btw).

So I am currently on the long island ice teas for eyes:


and mc (which means I do not have to be in school and I am excused from my midterms) for a week. I am retarded into the soul though, so I went home and studied for four hours and went and completed my midterm in Economics. I am very proud, switching names from Quasimodo to The Warrior.

To be honest I am much better and every three hours when I put “FML” in the eye, I laugh, even though it is like pouring acid, seriously, no wonder they named it the way they did.

EYEr and OUT
(ok den är inte lika bra men ni måste förstå att jag har varit själv i mitt rum i två dygn nu, taking it to a new low)

It might be the eye talking…

But from my experience, NUS health care system sucks massive amount of horse poo!

Tuesday morning I paid a fair amount of money to consult a doctor for my swollen eye.
Wednesday morning my eye had gone from ‘almost not noticeable’-swollen to ‘she is Quasimodo’-swollen. Semi-frustrated I took my pile of antibiotica drops and creams and went back. This morning I had to wait longer, pay more and my ‘consultation’ consisted of a 2 second flash light in the eye and watching the same doctor write ‘PLS ADVICE.TKS’ on a referral letter. With the referral letter I was then sent between different counters for an hour, payed different fees and read tiny numbers from walls (to check wether my sight had changed during the past 25 minutes or not). It took an additional hour for the very detached woman at counter number 3 to come to the conclusion that there were no appointments available with eye doctors today.

I guess she was feeling slightly uncomfortable and confused over what to do with this little crying person sitting on a chair next to her reception window. So she sent me to the emergency reception at the National University Hospital with an other paper.

At NUH I did everything again, twice. Talked to a receptionist, waited to see a nurse, waited again to see a doctor. Doctor number four had a fun time over that I could see better with my infected eye than with my other one. If I would have had more energy I would have infected his eye (by this point I was in a bad mood and in a lot of pain).

When I got told to sit down and wait for the seventh time I gave up and overdosed my old eyedrops which flash light doctor described to me the day before. I guess the nurses could feel my frustration because soon after one came and lead me to the eye Clinic. It felt like making it to the last level in a computer game.

Of course I had to see a nurse and answer the questions yet again but then I only had to wait for a little bit to see a real eye doctor. Apparently I have bacteria in my eye which they have identified, but they are not behaving as they are suppose to… This lead to heaps of cotton sticks pushed into my eye, to then be sent to a lab. The Doctor complimented me on being so calm, usually people are very nervous “when we cut a piece of the inside of the eye lid of”. I jumped two meters up in my chair, no one said anything about cutting… I did obviously not pay enough attention.

In addition I felt a bit like an animal in a Zoo, first of all because it was only me and 70 year old Chinese people in wheal chairs in the waiting room (loving to identify myself with the ‘impaired vision’-group of society). Second because all doctors and students in the whole section wanted to come and look at my bacteria acting randomly. Should have taken a commission fee for every stethoscope watch.

Fun facts:

Amount of times I got asked if I wear contact lenses: 12
Amount of times I had to read tiny letters from a wall: 5
Process optimize much NUH?
Total Bill: 320 F***ng dollars
Unfortunately this is not the end of it, tomorrow I am seeing the specialist of the eye specialists. Might have to switch focus from internship sponsors to eye sponsors.

When I walked home my eye was drunk. I was completely sober but my eye had so many different liquids poured into it, which made me see everything in double and feel dizzy. Interesting I must say.

The only good thing coming out of all this is that I have a legitimate reason to wear sunglasses indoors. When I find the strength to leave my room will say.

(ååå vad tråkigt, jag är på starka mediciner, ok!)