It has been concluded: trekking sucks

Koh Rong, Cambodia
Considering I have travelled quite a lot I can still be ridiculously naive from time to time. Today me and Ida went trekking in the djungel of Koh Rong with half a bottle of water and no map. We were trying to find a place called Heart Break hotel, one may wonder why I in my state wanted to find a place like this? (for Ida to drop me of and keep going alone). No no, the hotel is the start of a 7 km beach which is suppose to be stunning. We sort of knew that it was on the other side of the island and that the walk was suppose to take one hour. We lost the trail quite quickly but kept going through intense djungel and it was quite step. Started to feel like Djungel George 1 & 2 with spiderweb in face and weird ants attacking our converse.  After thinking “it is only behind this mountain” for an hour we ran out of water, the sun was super intense since it was midday, our legs looked like they been attacked by super hungry/angry cats and the imaginary trail we had been following was now facing a wall of rainforest, we had to turn back. We both hate losing, this was like losing. Stupid heart break hotel!
Stuborn as always we did not want to give up. So when we reached the foot of the mountain we turned left and tried another trail. Without bying more water, we never found Heart Break hotel and we have done enough trekking for quite a while I recon.
Ida’s face expression 
when I started singing this for the 10th time (it is a great tune!)
Djungel Georges:

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