The Beauty of Swenglish

I use a lot of proverbs when I speak Swedish.
This usually translates to something totally incomprehensible and sometimes funny in english. I don’t even think about it, I just say it and get the “are you stoned/retarded”-look.

For example:

– Study horse
(someone who studies a lot)

– He is not much to put in the christmas tree
(someone who is not thrust worthy)

– It is alive!
(when playing soccer)
(meaning that even if the ball is slightly outside the marker you should ignore it and keep playing)

– He dosen’t have all indians in the canoe
(someone is being a bit behind, stupid)

– The elevator dosen’t go all the way up
(someone is being a bit behind, stupid)

– Comeback cookie
(If someone does something to you, and you will do it back))

– After rain comes sunshine
(it always rain in Sweden so to sustain some sort of life spirit we say this and it gives us some false hope that the sun will shine again)

– If there is heart room, there is ass rom
(If you got a big heart it dosen’t matter if it is a bit crowded, everyone can fit in)

– Don’t cry over spilled milk
(there is no need to cry over something that already happend)

– Fresh chance, half win
(you should always try because trying is a big part of winning) 


So my english speaking friends, does any of these proverbs exist in the english language? 


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