Into the dark -> Into the wild -> Into the reggae bar

DAY 16
Don Dhet, Laos
A way better good night
In a port town called Ban Nablabla-something we paid silly over price for a boat to get us out to Don Dhet (which is a part of the 4000 islands area). It was pitch black and mosquitos every where, but Steve and Steve where still with us so it felt alright, even when the boat guy lead us down a dark step alley down to the sand bank of Ban Nablabla-something. I instantly felt that Converse was a bad choice when damp river water from the Mekong slowly soaked my feet. You can not understand how dark it was and how tiny the boat was. I was hugging my camera and ipad so tight, absolutely convinced we were going to sink any minute. But we made it to Don Dhet just after 8 at night, who would have thought this morning? Thank you Tjorven <3!
Since we missed the first bus from Siem Reap we lost 100 dollars in total and felt the need to punish ourselfs. Which meant checking in to a guesthouse with no roof, barely walls and a door without lock (sorry Ma). The bathroom was suppose to be “private” but we shared it with 450 species of bugs/flies/spiders. Ida: “You just give up because you can keep track of 2 or 3 spiders while tak ing a shit, but not 35, just give in and let them attack/watch you”.
The bed was horrible and we sleept on our towels terrified of the bed bugs. The living situation felt a bit better after eating an awesome pad thai in one of the most reggae reggae bars I have ever been to.
For principles and protection … 
Sleeping is still the major issue, dreams are weird and thoughts go around in my head like a laundry machine. Just let it go perhaps? Easiest thing to say, hardest thing to do.

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