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This makes me happy, very happy

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Into the dark -> Into the wild -> Into the reggae bar

DAY 16
Don Dhet, Laos
A way better good night
In a port town called Ban Nablabla-something we paid silly over price for a boat to get us out to Don Dhet (which is a part of the 4000 islands area). It was pitch black and mosquitos every where, but Steve and Steve where still with us so it felt alright, even when the boat guy lead us down a dark step alley down to the sand bank of Ban Nablabla-something. I instantly felt that Converse was a bad choice when damp river water from the Mekong slowly soaked my feet. You can not understand how dark it was and how tiny the boat was. I was hugging my camera and ipad so tight, absolutely convinced we were going to sink any minute. But we made it to Don Dhet just after 8 at night, who would have thought this morning? Thank you Tjorven <3!
Since we missed the first bus from Siem Reap we lost 100 dollars in total and felt the need to punish ourselfs. Which meant checking in to a guesthouse with no roof, barely walls and a door without lock (sorry Ma). The bathroom was suppose to be “private” but we shared it with 450 species of bugs/flies/spiders. Ida: “You just give up because you can keep track of 2 or 3 spiders while tak ing a shit, but not 35, just give in and let them attack/watch you”.
The bed was horrible and we sleept on our towels terrified of the bed bugs. The living situation felt a bit better after eating an awesome pad thai in one of the most reggae reggae bars I have ever been to.
For principles and protection … 
Sleeping is still the major issue, dreams are weird and thoughts go around in my head like a laundry machine. Just let it go perhaps? Easiest thing to say, hardest thing to do.

It is not with the gorilla-like khmer cab guy, that is for sure

DAY 16
Kratie, Cambodia
Not a very good morning

I am so angry, furios actually. I just wanted to spit on and kung fu that cab driver back into his mother and maybe he would come back out as a nicer person. Ida had to drag me out of that bus square, which was a good, things were getting intense and about 10 men were activly taking part in our argument. I hate being tricked, it is not so much about the money, it is the feeling. We agreed on 30 dollars in Kampong Cham and when we arrive to Kratie the mother fu****er refuse to let go of our bags unless we give him 40 dollars, which is just a ridiculously over priced two hour cab ride. Asshole! Deep breaths.
The ‘busy’ port of the metropol Kratie
Red Sun Falling
The Red Sun Falling is according to Lonely Planet the most lively place in Kratie. I am not sure if I agree  since there is only us and a fat guy eating waffles like there is no tomorrow in the restaurant. The owner is apparently british and absolutely smashed. He is trying to teach his local staff how to perform disco music “properly”, it is not even 9 am and he has already gone through George Michael, Abba, Madonna and Eurythmics. Morning traffic pass by the outdoor seating area and I try to count motos to come down from the bus square drama. I am starting to doubt if we will ever make it to Laos. It is like the country side of northern Cambodia is sucking us in refusing to let go. We are catching a bus to Stung Treng in two hours but then we are stuck there over night. I am not over excited since it seems like one of these places people pass through going some where else as quickly as possible. There is seriously 11 flies attacking me at the moment… Deep breaths, count the motos.
Ida could not stand moody Sof and went to sort out photos for her Laos visa. She came back with tickets to 4000 islands (our original destination before missing the bus two days ago), which they earlier told us did not exsist. So after two endless hours of more disco music and uncomfortable local staff hiding/serving at our table a bus comes and pick us up. I do not understand the logistics of Cambodias bus companies, at all. I also do not understand why they always have to play Khmer karaoke on the bus’s tv. It is so loud that you can not hear your own thoughts, even less your own ipod.
‘bus terminal’ – obvious…
At the Cambodia-Laos border we made friends with Steve and Steve from the states (their names are not Steve but they called each other that so it seemed easier). They were also heading to Don Dhet so we made company, it felt “safe” since they were both much older than me and Ida, and the rest of the bus were all locals. In Laos they dropped us and a bunch of other lost people at the road side and told us to wait for a minibus. I got a bit paranoid since I had read that sometimes they say that the minibus is about to come and then it never shows up and you stand there screwed in the middle of now where. Fortunately our minibus showed up. We high fived with the Steves and squeezed in.
(please ignore her ass and listen to the remix. It is indeed a very good “sitting on a bus, looking out on an unknown landscape passing by, heading in the right direction when you been heading in the wrong direction for  two days”-song)

4 kg – 4 days

It was not even a challenge.


Fat camp is entering it’s third week tomorrow.
There has been plenty of cheating, 9 of 14 days have for example involved alcohol.
I need a coach with a strong character and hard limits. Any volunteers?



I have not yet truly realized that it is 2013.

Looking back at 2012 it looks like I lived like the earth was actually about to go under in December.

The year started magically at Rhythm and Vines music festival in Gisbourne, New Zealand. Covered from top to toe in mud to the voice of Calvin Harris, I grabbed her hand, looked up into the falling rain and thought to myself that this year will be awesome. It is probably my best New Years so far.


I lived in Norrköping, Stockholm and Singapore.
I visited New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Laos and The Philippines.
I scored some A:s and failed some courses.
I got my heart broken.
I got two schoolar ships, which were both spent like I was a child on acid.
I went to three types of shrinks for three different issues.
I worked on two places at the same time.
I made a soccer comeback after 4 years on the bench.
I made many friends and lost some.

This year ended on a beach on an island far away. Too bad 10 000 korean tourists also had found their way to this beautiful beach. Waves got my white dress wet, the 10 000 Koreans could see my underwear, I could not have cared less. When the countdown started I again looked up into the sky. I was not holding anyones hand, I was holding a beer, It was needed, since I got rather emotional. Do not remember what I thought when I looked up, probably “I will never go to Korea” or something similarly mature to that.


2013 I will try to calm down.
You can not enjoy the good things if you are always heading somewhere else.

And be a better friend to the people who have been the very best of friends to me.

Why walk alone?

I do not think 7 weeks counts as a “very long time”.

According to drama queen version of myself I am not suppose to give this blog any attention. To be honest, at the night between 8th and 9th of December I thought I had lost my sense of humor and inspiration to write at all. Which explains the “very long time”-statement in previous post. Turns out I found heaps of inspiration in getting my life flipped over and bent backwards. On my ipad I have more or less a book of blog posts. I wrote everyday for five weeks. It is a wild mix of sad, pathetic, hilarious, stupid, dangerous, and fun stories. Every single word is true, even if I would like to deny some, reading it today. I might publish them, I have not decided yet.

Ran into an exchange student who I only know briefly a few days ago. We small talked for a bit and she mentioned that my blog post “leaving means losing” had made her cry.

If I have more inspiration than ever and I can make strangers cry I should write, no matter what drama queen Sofie thinks.

So I will. Can’t keep it in. COMEBACK KID