“Learning starts after we learn to laugh at ourselves”

someone wise once told me.

Pretty much everyone I know in Singapore have an exam tomorrow.
For many it is the last one, which means Christmas Holidays, good bye, over and out. So I just want to say:


ps1. Sing this super cheesy tune in the shower tomorrow and laugh at yourself, and we will survive NUS, I am convinced.

ps2. Was timing myself doing a past years exam today to get the speed up, since you only have two hours. Ended up taking 6,5 hours (still counting) due to different kind of breaks (Coffe-break, gym-break, youtube-break, facebook-brake, lunch-break, siesta-break, it-is-sunny-outside-break, facebook-break again (no new notifications!),  call-swedish-insurance-company-break, etc, etc). Note to self: start going to the library again. Why did I ever stop going there one may wonder? Well, we call him “The clicker guy”. He sits in front the computer for 10 hours straight clicking the mouse his fastest. clickclickclickcklickclickclickclickcklickCLICK. Drives me crazy, just want to bring a sword and go indian on his mouse.

But seriously, the blog-break is over, pushing the 7 hour limit now.



2 thoughts on ““Learning starts after we learn to laugh at ourselves”

  1. Farmor says:

    TACK!! Låtvalet passade även en höstdeppig farmor. Kram

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