Carhartt Opening & wine from the Barrel

I had the privilege to go with two of my friends to the opening of the first flag ship Carhartt store in Singapore.
Of course I got as happy as when a fat kid gets candy when we recived free stickers. This sticker-love must be from my time as a skibum, in that part of my life I just put stickers on everything. Did exactly that in my room just now, a bit unnecessary, since I am moving out in a week.

Think I will change my style to skater after yesterday, I got very inspired. JD says I am farmer girl because of my overalls, so maybe it is time for a change. After all I have  maybe out grown my hippie days because I have been finding myself running around in pretty blouses and blazer holding presentations for the last couple of weeks. I am not ready for business yet so maybe a skater phase. Haha.

After three beers among very cool people I almost bought my first skater cap and felt dangerously much like going out.
We had dinner in a very Hipster area in Thiong Bahru. Ivana drank beer out of her own free will, it was a big moment in our friendship. To make up for beer drinking we went to a little place called “The Wine Wise”. Usually you can try wine from the barrels and decide what to buy and bring home or sit there and drink. Due to all the public holidays in November the Singaporeans had drunk all the wine and the barrels where empty. The little Chinese lady who served us manage to come up with some interesting options though. Apart from the fact that the wooden barrels made all my clothes and hair smells like I spent a year in my grandmas attic it was a great night with great friends.


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