Where is the wild child?

That is something I would like to know aswell.

The simple truth is that the wild child spent this semesters budget already.
Which mean I can now focus 100% on my marathon skills (HAHA!). 

Also preparing for getting lost in Asia with my absolute favourite person in the world. 
With a one way ticket to Cambodia, no time schedule  and the “Go big or go home”-singlet as only aloud luggage not even Buddha knows where we will end up. Last year, Christmas was spent in new Zealand, half naked in the worlds biggst extreme sport swing under impact of pina coladas and party pills (LEGAL ONES, PROMISE), just sayin…
I do need to be alive and in Borneo in January to climb a mountian with my parents. A few extra insurances should be able to fix that. Now back to November’s reality and the lovely to-do list mentioned two posts down.



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