Sofie cried – True Story

I follow a website called the hypemachine (, it is a collection of different music blogs and a great way to discover new music. They recently relased their spotify app, when I found it I got lost for about 7 hours, endelss number of playlists with new music.

Anyway, I came across this song. It just blew me of my chair, because you think it is finished after 3.20 minutes but then, I think Ben Howard fell of his chair, it is just so much emphaty, and I seriously thougth he was singing about me. For some reason it made me cry, very dorky! Me and Caroline usually joke about the scenario “crying in the shower”, this was similar. And very odd, since I believe that you cry when you are in physical pain and not because you like a song….I guess it had been a bit to much pressure and no sleep or food.

Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance

Ps1. Pappa här kan vi verkligen snacka om “Ledsen kille med gitarr”, men jag vägde upp med lite “Höst (till Eva, så länge jag kan gå)” efter, lovar!

Ps2. Also listen to this song, it is one of them rare ones you can sleep, party and work out to.

Bakermat – Vandaag – Original Mix

Ps3. Ivana got the fantastic idea to signed us up for a mini-marathon next week (it will be an intresting blog post!), this song makes me act like I own the gym, at the moment I can’t even find my own legs after 5 k though… fake it until you make it I guess.

Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest


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