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It just spoke to me



“Learning starts after we learn to laugh at ourselves”

someone wise once told me.

Pretty much everyone I know in Singapore have an exam tomorrow.
For many it is the last one, which means Christmas Holidays, good bye, over and out. So I just want to say:


ps1. Sing this super cheesy tune in the shower tomorrow and laugh at yourself, and we will survive NUS, I am convinced.

ps2. Was timing myself doing a past years exam today to get the speed up, since you only have two hours. Ended up taking 6,5 hours (still counting) due to different kind of breaks (Coffe-break, gym-break, youtube-break, facebook-brake, lunch-break, siesta-break, it-is-sunny-outside-break, facebook-break again (no new notifications!),  call-swedish-insurance-company-break, etc, etc). Note to self: start going to the library again. Why did I ever stop going there one may wonder? Well, we call him “The clicker guy”. He sits in front the computer for 10 hours straight clicking the mouse his fastest. clickclickclickcklickclickclickclickcklickCLICK. Drives me crazy, just want to bring a sword and go indian on his mouse.

But seriously, the blog-break is over, pushing the 7 hour limit now.


Carhartt Opening & wine from the Barrel

I had the privilege to go with two of my friends to the opening of the first flag ship Carhartt store in Singapore.
Of course I got as happy as when a fat kid gets candy when we recived free stickers. This sticker-love must be from my time as a skibum, in that part of my life I just put stickers on everything. Did exactly that in my room just now, a bit unnecessary, since I am moving out in a week.

Think I will change my style to skater after yesterday, I got very inspired. JD says I am farmer girl because of my overalls, so maybe it is time for a change. After all I have  maybe out grown my hippie days because I have been finding myself running around in pretty blouses and blazer holding presentations for the last couple of weeks. I am not ready for business yet so maybe a skater phase. Haha.

After three beers among very cool people I almost bought my first skater cap and felt dangerously much like going out.
We had dinner in a very Hipster area in Thiong Bahru. Ivana drank beer out of her own free will, it was a big moment in our friendship. To make up for beer drinking we went to a little place called “The Wine Wise”. Usually you can try wine from the barrels and decide what to buy and bring home or sit there and drink. Due to all the public holidays in November the Singaporeans had drunk all the wine and the barrels where empty. The little Chinese lady who served us manage to come up with some interesting options though. Apart from the fact that the wooden barrels made all my clothes and hair smells like I spent a year in my grandmas attic it was a great night with great friends.


I found it hilarious that Linköping University aloud the image with me to standing upside down on a drinkshaker being the front cover of the education catalogue for the computer science faculty programs.

diary warning

Today I applied for an internship at Apple, one can dream, right?

Apple should give me some kind of promotion though. I have gradually manipulated Caroline to the idea that being a student can not be done without an ipad. And yesterday she bought one. With retina display and Siri – so now I am the jealous one instead.

You can literally feel the anxiety hanging over university town, it is like a headache after a night in Clark Quay.
Reading week and exam period are in total 3 weeks long. We are only half way though the first week and people are slowly turning into zombies. It is exhausting. Today I even had to go  home and go to bed because I was falling asleep in the library. Well, at least I am not sleeping in the gym yet (yes, I saw a guy yesterday, sound a sleep on a machine).

Me and the professor in probability are becoming real buddies. I am one of  his most frequent visitors for consultation. He just love probability to much for his own good. Last week he compared it with falling in love… For me it is like falling into a pool with taped arms and legs. If I don’t pass this stupid module I am quitting engineering and going in a different direction. Maybe be one of them in the Zoo that does performances with dolphins?

I can’t wait to travel again, and take photos, count down 2 weeks from today.

This is a very random post about nothing, breaking every rule I have learned in professional communication.

To my defense I don’t have a tv and it is more fun to write than to do research about travel insurances.



Sell Yourself vs. Sell Something #Final Reflection on Learning #Post6

“When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on” – Franklin D. Roosvelt

Tomorrow is the last class for ES2007S Professional Communication. It makes me feel sad. For four hours a week through out the semester I actually felt like a I belonged to a class. In all my other modules, as an exchange student, I have been more or less by myself. Looking through the schedule reflecting over the elements we processed, the assignments we submitted and the presentations we performed I have been trying to figure out what developed my skills the most. Together it all creates a completeness and understanding of communication, so it is difficult to pick only one focus.

If I have to pick, I think I developed the most when we were working with the cover letter, resume, and mock interviews. Looking back at my initial attitude towards the topic, I realise it was very naive. I thought I had a “strong” cv. But after lessons, processing of material, evaluation and viewing class mates work I understood that I would end up in the “throw away”-stack straight away in a job interview situation.

My cover letter did not show enough passion, it was just a repetition of what my resume already told the reader. My resume was unstructured, hard to follow and did not display the relevant facts and dates. I managed to rewrite my material in time for the mock-up interviews, which was another cold shower. An eulogy to Eunice and Rui being excellent actors making me leave the set up job interview on shaky legs, absolutely convinced I did not get the job. They asked relevant questions with high frequency and flipped my resume against me so it indeed felt like a real life experience. This is invaluable and I definitly feel more confident and prepared for my next (real) interview. Being put in the position of the inerviewer was also very instructive, it gave me an insight in what the interviewer are looking for, which I found very useful when making final changes to my own set of material.

I have been reflecting on how similar it is to sell yourself (for example in an job interview) and to sell something (for example as we did during the oral presentation of the project proposals). Do we have to learn to sell ourself before we can sell something? It boils down to having good presentation skills in both scenarios, this module have given me a great ground to keep developing from. With more confidence, awareness of the the 7 C’s (clear, courteous, complete, concise, coherent, concrete and correct) and a smile I feel ready for the challenges ahead.

Although, I will follow the words of Franklin D. Roosvelt and tie a knot and hang on to Mr Blackstone’s world without walls for a little longer. Because with invaluable information when it comes to all kinds of communication I will surely return to the materials to improve further or when stumbling in expressing myself.

Finally I would like to thank Brad for an amazing committment, an  innovative modern way to teach a modern topic and an open mind to new ideas, improvement and feedback. More professors should take after you and learning will become easier, funnier and better for many students. Also a huge thank you to my class mates for your valuable feedback and hard work, it has been a pleasure working with all of you.

Practice makes PROFESSIONAL!
But first Christmas Holiday:

Is it time to give up? Reflection on Oral Presentation #Blogpost #5

I have a dream! And that dream is to walk out from a presentation/speech/performance being satisfied, thinking “I nailed it!” or “If I could go back and do it again I would not do anything differently”.

Monday the 5th of November 2012 was not the day for this dream to come through. Rushing from class after today’s presentation on our research project “Where is the Babyboom?” I felt anxious and empthy. To use a metaphor: I did not sink the ship but I did not help to win the war either, with other words, I did not sell our concept with entusiasm and a persuasive argumentation but probably said enough relevant things to pass the assignment.

After almost 15 years in school and endless number of presentations I have started to doubt that you can become a good speaker through practice? Is it a gift certain people were born with and the rest of us is just jealous? Our team’s preparations were accurate. We practised several times on different occasions, planned positioning, transistions and phase. We recorded and analysed all team members, gave feedback and made sure everyone was comfortable with their part. Unfortunately none of us could get along with the clicker (wireless remote used to change power point slide) during the actual presentation.

What makes me anxious about this topic is that I want to be a good speaker, I need to be a good speaker. Becuase I am aware that I am not the brightest star in the sky when it comes to programming and the pure technical part of my education. But I have always told myself I will be able to stand out from all the nerds (apologises for stereotyping) in the engineering industry by being a girl, having social intelligence and an outgoing personality. I do not think I will get very far if I can not even stay enthusiastic for five minutes and persuade 15 classmates that our proposal is fantastic.

Nevertheless, I will not give up!
“Fake it ’til you make it.
Fake it ’til you become it.”
– Amy Cuddy