Going through October like a fluffy burnt-out hamster in flip flops

Being a student at NUS makes me feel like a hamster in one of those spinning wheels. I study and I study and I study but there is always more no matter how many laps/day I do in that f**ing wheel. I do not mind working hard but I am not used to fail when I actually have worked hard. Academic confidence equals zero at the moment. It really bothers me that my brain obviously is in a ditch somewhere in Malaysia. It is not even helping listening to “Simply the best” by Tina Turner. Bummer! 

Due to my hamster activites I have not even had time to write about my first soccer game, how Johanna offended the malaysian prime minister or when Pyret got kidnapped by a drunk malaysian male version of Pocahontas on a vespa. 

Seriously need to get over my trust issues with hairdressers and cut my hair before the situation get totally out of control. This is a depressing post but do not worry Grandma, I am still happy! After all I can wear flipflops and it is october. 




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