Adapt. Improvise. Survive. Overcome.

9 days by myself in China.
Singapore – flight – Hong Kong – train – Shanghai – train – Being – flight – Singapore
Is this a good idea?

Well this idea has kept me awake for the past week – so obviously I am nervous.
Had this illusion of how I (when in China) will learn lots about culture, my own limits, the people and the country.

I would sit on long distance trains, see rice fields pass by outside the window, listen to instrumental music, reading a good book, making conversation with a few other travellers. I would think about stuff like “Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of life?”. China was suppose to be my white canvas and me being the color could only decide how beautiful the final painting would turn out. This was the fuzzy approach I was going for to stay as open minded as possible.

Well it all got smashed into pieces when Lonely planet told me some fun facts:

“Foreigner had been attacked and killed for their valuables, so be vigilant at all times”

“600 traffic deaths/day”

“Travelling solo carries obvious risks, female travelers in particular should avoid travelling alone”

“Even in Beijing single women taking taxis have been taken to remote areas and robbed by the taxi drivers, so don’t assume anywhere is safe”

“Foreigners are ripped of without mercy”

“High risk areas are train and bus stations, specially night trains”

“27 death penalties/day”

… Goes on for 10 pages.

I don’t want to be vigilant and constantly scared of being ripped of without mercy.
I want to be the color on my white canvas! 

It wouldn’t be the same without my dear Caroline anyway,
which had to go back to Sweden because of a family emergency.
And I certainly can’t afford getting robbed right now.

It would also be nice to keep my mom from getting a heart attack at least until Christmas.

But as swedish house mafia sings: Don’t you worry child!
– I have new plans, very random plans!

Baby sister Lindblom get your ass over here!




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