I miss you mom!

Yesterday I was so stressed that even though I saw an ant in my food I kept eating.

Today I definitely failed practical exam 1 in Data structures.
The only good thing was that my program compiled.
The only reason it compiled was because there was no code in it. 
Which equals no points for Sofie.
“This should not be a problem for you to solve” were the words from our teacher.
I feel depressed now.

Can this week just go to hell!


2 thoughts on “I miss you mom!

  1. Mom says:

    Saknar dig också – massor. Har man inte kört en kurs är man ingen riktig student och för övrigt har du så många poäng redan :-). Fira nu i helgen att du är med i gänget “riktiga studenter” stora kramar Mom

  2. Brad says:

    Ouch! Keep the faith, Sofie!

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