Adapting to life in Singapore – Lesson 4

I am very satisfied with the mini lake I created in our living room by leaving both windows opened. The sky decided to open up and let 2 weeks of tropical rain out. I reckon most of that rain is now located on our apartment floor, think I will call it “Lake Sofie”. Maybe start up some weekend activities: snorkeling, dinner cruises & windsurfing?

Now I’m just being a retard, been spending to many hours programming in School of computing’s basement this week. Makes you loose hope of ever smiling again.

I even look forward to wipping up the lake, tragic! What is good wipping music?

Abba? 50cent? or something in between?

Lesson learned: close the window when you see dark clouds to avoid the creation of “Lake Sofie 2”.


2 thoughts on “Adapting to life in Singapore – Lesson 4

  1. Farmor says:

    Musikvalet är lätt. “I`m singing in the rain.”
    Eller varför inte “Gamla Nordsjön” gärna med Harry Brandelius-

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