To feel hangover and inspired – a twisted combo

Note to self 1: Don’t go out on Wednesdays, especially not with Anton. It tendes to get wet, very wet.

Note to self 2: When you come home from a night out, don’t go on Skype and drunk dial Europe, especially not when wearing sunglasses and hat (Sorry Paulie!).

Note to self 3: Don’t put your phone on flight and silence mood when you go to bed at 5 am and have a lecture starting 8 am the following day.

I over sleept with 82 minutes to my lecture in Probability today – obviously missed it. Felt depressed about it and went back to bed – almost over sleept again to first session in professional communication.

It seems like a fun course and very different from programming and math. The lecturer was very inspiring (of course I’m only writing this to get a good grade) and I’m looking forward to get skilled at communication. After all it dosen’t matter how good you’re at engineering if you can’t communicate and promote yourself. I’m Sofie and I’m awesome is not gonna work forever, dosen’t even work now… haha.


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