Clumsy exchange student vs. Kung fu panda ninja local

With a dizzy head from last nights sheesa overdosing and the summers consumption of approximately 25000 beers my sports wear felt more like a joke than the relaxed sporty feeling I was looking for.

Interactive sports day go to hell – that’s how I felt after 4 hours sleep in my sauna/bedroom.

After the traditional “Let’s sit in a circle like we’re in preschool”-ritual it got better. We didn’t even have to sign any kind of forms or lists (I’m still in chock, when we’re about to fight they trust us?). Got to try karate, judo, Thai chi and some sort of karate dancing. I have no skills what so ever in any of these sports, unfortunately. Feel about as limber as Svamp Bob square pant. To my relief – this was the case for most exchange students.

I liked judo the most. We learned how to break someones arm and how to choke in tree different ways. Told my flat mates that they have to be nice to me now, since I know how to hurt and kill. Not sure if the sarkasm went through?

It’s my birthday soon – I would very much like a judo suit. Because then I can make the impression of knowing how to fight. Which will be needed when going into the malaysian djungel in the next couple of weeks. And if not, I can always use it to make an awesome music video to “Everybody was kung fu fighting”. I mean how hard can it be to beat this?



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