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Adapting to life in Singapore – Lesson 4

I am very satisfied with the mini lake I created in our living room by leaving both windows opened. The sky decided to open up and let 2 weeks of tropical rain out. I reckon most of that rain is now located on our apartment floor, think I will call it “Lake Sofie”. Maybe start up some weekend activities: snorkeling, dinner cruises & windsurfing?

Now I’m just being a retard, been spending to many hours programming in School of computing’s basement this week. Makes you loose hope of ever smiling again.

I even look forward to wipping up the lake, tragic! What is good wipping music?

Abba? 50cent? or something in between?

Lesson learned: close the window when you see dark clouds to avoid the creation of “Lake Sofie 2”.


A Place Like This is Called Infinity



I run really fast (downhill)!

Don’t go running along Kent Ridge Road at night. It’s like being in a horror movie. I was extra girly after the “comic” my dear flat mate Simona showed me the other day:

The worst part of my little route around campus is when coming up medical drive (steep steep hill) and then climbing a 100000 stairs. When you reach the top you can’t breath and barely stand… it’s hard!

Any way, I saw a lonely girl in the dark. She walked really slow but in my head she was of course limping, like the one in the comic. At least she didn’t wear a pink pajamas. Poor thing was probably just heartbroken, walking alone in the dark forrest, head down, massive headphones on and maybe crying. She should just go home, eat cookies, have a drink, get over the boy and stop strolling around scaring the shit out of me.

The fact that there are so many bats around that you think Batman is gonna show up any minute didn’t help at all.

So now I need company! Or maybe not,  this is an excellent reason to quit sport. Very convenient!



Apparently you need a Visa to visit China. A fact that could have been smart to take into consideration before booking a one way ticket…

I am not sure if our email to the Embassy will help:

“Dear Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sweden,

 We are Sofie Lindblom and Caroline Olsson….” – So bad!
Caroline wanted to finish of with the youtube clip “Call me maybe”
I had the feeling that this guy wouldn’t appreciate that kind of humor…
So I said no, after all we need to get in to the country.
Ps. In China they have night trains with categories “Hard sleeper” and “soft sleeper” – I am very curious to investigate this and many other things about the great land of rice 🙂

Why effective communication is important to me #Blog post 1

This module is the perfect rehab in dealing with the communication overdose of the 21st century that we all have been exposed to.
Just on my phone I have seven different alternatives to communicate with friends, SEVEN. One can say that things are getting out of hand. A perfect example that I have experienced when moving to Singapore is how different companies try to communicate with students to increase the attendance at their events. Being an exchange student I am drowning in emails, events and groups trying to get my attention. The consequence is that I as a receiver ignore the information.

In this course we will look at communication in four different ways:

  • Communication – Principles and their applications
  • Written Communication – Audience, context, and purpose
  • Position Search Communication – Help to start your professional career
  • Oral Communication – Essentials of presenting ideas

Effective communication is simply delivering your message such that the receiver understands it the way you intend. It is obvious why this is important in most situations in life. But why is it important to me?

Everyone who decides to take on the challenge of university studies dreams of a career. My major involves mostly mathematics and programming but an important part is also to communicate with the user. When for example designing interfaces for programs, a designer needs to take into account everything from colors to fonts and actual text to improve and clarify the user’s experience of the product. I think the need for this ability will increase, referred to the ”communication overdose”-example as was mentioned in the introduction above.

English is my second language and I often feel stuck in a bubble. I have learned enough to get by and therefore I easily get lazy, using the same words and tone in both my written and oral communication. I hope this module can help me pop the bubble and become more flexible by widening my vocabulary and improving my skills. The goal is to sound so professional and accurate that it will be impossible to tell where I’m from.

I also find it fascinating that this subject is so complex, you can keep getting better and learning more. I mean not even God has 100% skills in effective communication, because obviously, not everyone believes in God, like myself.

I do believe in the importance of effective communication, today, tomorrow and maybe the day after that 🙂

Our car broke down in the Outback of Australia 2009. Not a phone booth or emergency phone in sight for hours.
I thought we were gonna die. The government really need to work on their communication skills! 

(This post has been edited with help from Renick 27.08.12)

(This post has been edited with help from Brad 04.09.12)


Worst drink I’ve ever tasted! Thank you JD!
1 – 1/2 package triple sec 
1 – 1/2 package Bacardi® 151 rum
1 – 1/2 package vodka
1 – 1/2 package gin
1 – 1/2 package tequila
1 – 1/2 package bourbon whiskey
1 – 1/2 package Scotch whisky
Mix the 5 whites and 2 whiskies in a beer mug in equal amounts. Top up the rest of the mug with half beer and half stout. WARNING: Very strong stuff. Do NOT attempt to drink it if you’re not a good drinker. You’ll be sending yourself to your own graveyard, thus the name of the drink.

Giving sharing receiving sharing receiving giving

Trying to write my very first blog post in Professional communication.

All I can think of is that it sounds so similar to the Friends episod when Joey is writing a wedding speech.

I have a lot to learn, maybe not from Joey though.

one way is the new way

Det är en väldig stress och hets över recess week bland utbytesstudenterna.

Var ska man resa?
Vem ska man resa med?
Vem hittar den häftigaste resan?
Vem hittar den farligaste resan?

Det är ungefär som när man ska hitta en dejt till sin bal i 9an. Det är roligt men man är lite stressad. Kommer det bli bra?

Caroline är också från Sverige. Hon är till och med mindre än mig. Hennes favorit ord är Äventyr och hon kan nog också gå under kategorin wild child. Vi pratar samma språk skulle man väl kunna säga.

Vi skulle dricka te och reflektera över helgens malaysiska äventyr. Vet inte om jag omedvetet spetsade våra koppar med något men helt plötsligt hade vi bokat en one way flygbiljett till Hong Kong första lördagen av Recess week. Jag kan ingenting om Hong Kong. Var tvungen att skypa mamma efter och berätta att jag nu börjat impuls köpa flygresor. “Nämen Sofie” var allt hon hade att säga.

Vi funderar på att bara använda våra mellannamn hela resan. Valde nämligen att det skulle stå “CAPTAIN MARIANNE” och “PROFESSOR SUSANNE” på biljetterna (väldigt moget). Efter som det är långa namn kan man dela upp det i tre delar så låter det kinesiskt. Ma ri Anè och Su San Nè. Nu är det bara rishattar som saknas – sen är vi locals redan innan vi åkt.

Jag tror i alla fall att Kina är redo för oss – bästa, farligaste och mest oklara resan so far – ÄVENTYR!


Liar liar Pants on fire

Why i love travelling so much is because you see amazing places and while doing that meeting a lot of interesting/weird/fun/crazy people.

It’s saturday night and Salang beach is bustling. At our table there is me, Ivana and Mar (my travelling mates), 3 very nice guys from Holland, 3 swedish backpackers and one american guy.

I don’t remember the american guys name but he had the craziest stories. Unfortunately I think he was lying because it didn’t make any sense. And the stories didn’t connect with each other. Hotel designer Carlo also had crazy stories, but they were realistic. This guy, lets call him Owen(?) quit his job in a fancy bank in Switzerland because he felt that it took his soul and that he wasn’t giving anything back to the world.

For three years Owen has been travelling the world by himself. He told us (and we all listened with big eyes, this guy loved the attention) that he just came from Nepal were he lived in the mountains for weeks smoking hasch with the locals and meditated for 8 hours every day. Sounds awesome!

He supports his travelling buy selling weed from his weed farm in San Fran. Owen claims that he is from a hippie family. But still his mom wanted him to go to law school. Paras and Vici are there many Hippies in law school? Hippies that been sent there buy their hippie moms? Me and Ivana questioned this, he then quickly changed the subject. I felt a bit sorry for this lonely lost soul. Don’t think he was the cool kid in school. But at least he could be the center of attention on that beach, in that moment, I don’t care if what he said was true.

It’s all about meeting people and listen to their stories.



A picture says more than a thousands words so i’m just gonna shut up!



Snorkeling. Simply amazing – switching ipad to underwater camera and PADI. Need to stop loving beer and start working on that new years resolution though…